Help Better Begin

For the Millions of Women Fighting Cancer

Look Good Feel Better is a public service program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help manage appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. The program includes free workshops that give instruction to address changes in skin, hair loss and nails, as well as tips on wardrobe/styling to cope with weight gain or loss, and surgical changes.

Fresh was engaged to create videos showing the journeys of the women featured on the website. From overall concepting to location scouting to filming to editing, Fresh helped the team create a powerful vehicle to share these amazing messages of hope. 

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The Challenge. Our Solution.

Fresh, in collaboration with Zero Degrees and Burke PR, created a campaign called, Help Better Begin, which took six women undergoing cancer treatment and gave them makeovers. Fresh documented these makeovers by creating a series of time-lapse videos that featured an interview and the transformation from start to finish. These videos were featured as the main content across the response website.

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