Opus Master Builders

#Respect The Craft

Opus Master Builders is a residential construction firm committed to forging lasting relationships with their clients. Their goal is to provide a personalized experience in the process of designing, building, and preserving beautiful home.

We share the same vision in our approach, and however different the mediums may be, the care and craft we put into both are the same.



Advancing Women’s Health.

Hologic is the leader in medical device technology for women’s health care.  From the latest in 3D Mammography to innovations in surgical equipment and procedures, Fresh is proud of our long-standing relationship with our partner in constantly improving women’s health the world over. Fresh provides videos, brand identity systems, emails, ux and ui, experiential trade show pieces and more.

Flashpoint Chicago

Creative for creatives.

The marketing and communications challenges for colleges and universities are unique and complex. With several disparate—but equally important—audiences to speak to, it’s difficult to develop experiences that address everyone in a clear and impactful way.

Add to that complexity a layer of creative cool that a visual arts school needs to showcase to stand out from its peers and you have a visual creative challenge on your hands.

We designed a mobile-first, responsive site that showcases Flashpoint Chicago’s creative nature and provides all audiences with clear, quick access to the info they need.


Creative. On the hop.

Converse needed a redesign in short order for one of its digital properties and came to Fresh knowing our small, nimble team could turn it around quick. 

We were able to create a new, engaging experience within two weeks of the ask—a normally unheard-of turnaround for a big brand looking to make digital creative changes.

Spartan Race

Grit. Guts. Glory.

Spartan Race is a sport, a community, a philosophy, and a training and nutrition program—with daily advice, podcasts, books, activities for kids, workout gear, an NBC Sports series, digital magazines, and timed obstacle races. Spartan is a way of life.

Partnering with the Spartan organization at all levels, Fresh provides strategy, campaign concepts, creative deliverables, and event-specific activations.

Showcase Cinemas

Responsive redesign for a client that knows something about looking good on every screen

Showcase Cinemas, which is owned and operated by National Amusements, runs over 950 indoor theaters across the US, UK, and Latin America.

They needed a responsive redesign for their website. We delivered a fresh site that looks beautiful and is fully functional on every type of device and screen size.

Bowdoin College

Delivering tradition. Mobile first.

When you’re tasked with preserving tradition at one of the oldest and most selective colleges in the country, while at the same time engaging the brightest and most innovative new students, being able to seamlessly deliver mobile-first content is key.

By designing unique, visually deep digital experiences for Bowdoin’s annual Year in Review and annual Report of Giving, Fresh empowers the teams at Bowdoin to share its acheivements in entirely new ways with audiences globally.


Seismic Software

More than (a thousand) words. Videos win.

Because of its diverse client base and broad product offering in enterprise sales enablement and content management software, Seismic was struggling to explain the value of their SAAS platform across different verticals and to extremely busy decision-makers.

To solve this problem, we developed and produced a series of animated explainer videos that clearly articulated the problems that Seismic can solve for businesses in different verticals. The videos are extremely successful and led directly to over half a million dollars of revenue within the first 6 months they were being promoted by the sales and marketing teams.


Strength in simplicity.

The NCAA.org and it’s groups of sites were initially constructed to serve information and to and be a resource for the student athlete and college sports administrators. Since the organization’s web experiences had been dated and fragmented, the way users had to obtain information was becoming increasingly difficult and the user experience was also difficult.

Our team was engaged to audit and organize tens of thousands of pieces of content, dead links and content types, developing a content strategy that would pave the way for an in-depth User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) exercise.

We performed a formal, closed card sort to understand what information the different user types were seeking, provided usability testing on a fully-functional prototype, and delivered immersive, and developed image-based and mobile first visual design that created a beautiful experience while allowing users to access the info they needed easily.


Making more than a name.

You’re the leader in your space, providing pharmaceutical companies and research institutions with the intellectual leadership, modeling methodology, and cloud computing power to drive drug development forward, but no one knows who you are.


Exactly. So Fresh engaged with Metrum’s executive team to reposition the firm as a full-service consultancy and technology company. With new brand positioning, logo, creative style guide, website and content, Fresh helped MetrumRG make a new name for itself as a leader in one of the most complex and rapidly evolving industries today.